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Swain County Martial Arts

"Strengthen Your Brothers"


Judo is the sport of Jujitsu.  Founded by professor Jigro Kano.  It’s a grappling martial art that uses a person’s weight and momentum against them.  It’s the sport of the Samurai.  Swain County Martial Arts uses Judo, Karate, Muay Thai, striking, and other disciplines to teach self defense.

SCMA is a Christian based organization.  At SMCA we try to instill the values, self-discipline, and respect for oneself and others.  Through Judo we strive to provide help to keep our young students from partaking in drugs, alcohol, and violence.  For more information call: Julie Johnson – 736-4782.

Here is a little information on our instructors:

Jeremiah Johnson, has been in Martial Arts for 26 years. He currently holds a Shotokan (1st Degree) in Karate, a Yodan (4th Degree) in Kodakan Judo and specializes in Self-Defense. Jeremiah has competed nation wide in Martial Arts Competitions. After teaching through out Cherokee for 7 years Jeremiah started Swain County Martial Arts (a Christian based organization) and has been teaching his classes as a drug and alcohol prevention program for 6 years.  He also teaches character development through Self-Discipline.  In 2008 Jeremiah received the Duke Power Citizenship award for community service and also was Nationally recognized through Harrah’s Casino as the National Chairman’s Award Winner for Community Service. He was also recognized as News 13 Gift Hero.

Ben Murphy, has been under Jeremiah’s instruction for over 14 years. Ben Currently Holds a Nidan (2nd Degree) in Kodakan Judo. He has competed in the South Eastern Region of the states. Ben received Student of the Year in 2009 from Swain County Martial Arts and has been instructing along side with Jeremiah for 2 years.  Ben is a valued asset to Swain County Martial Arts for his Leadership, Dedication and Commitment to the students.

Gabrielle Beam, has been under Ben and Jeremiah’s instruction for years.  She earned her brown belt at only 16 years old.  Gabrielle is an amazing instructor that works well with children.