1121 Main St, Bryson City, NC 28713

Iron Braves Games II

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

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Presented by CrossFit 2232 

3-Person Team Event

Scaled – MMM or FFF

Rx – MMM or FFF

February 16, 2019

Cherokee, NC


Early bird registration is $270 / team, through November 30.

Regular registration is $300 / team, starting December 1. 

The second year of this event in Cherokee, NC, promises to be just as fun and unique as last year’s.  Immerse yourself in the local culture and community on the sprawling Cherokee Central Schools campus.  

Your workouts will be performed in teams of 3.  Teams can be scaled or Rx with all-female and all male options.  

Hotel information:
Great Smokies Inn


Mention the code “Iron Brave Games” to receive the discounted rate of $79 

(normal rate $109)

The hotel is directly in the middle of the events: 1 mile from the pool and 1 mile from the school.

The t-shirt deadline is January 28, so don’t wait to register!


Workout 1

100 points

For time:

Partner A – Row 50 Calories, Swim 50 yards, 50 Wallballs

Partner B – Row 40 Calories, Swim 75 yards, 40 Wallballs

Partner C – Row 30 Calories, Swim 100 yards, 30 Wallballs

Workout 2

50 points

Part 1, For Strength:

Partner A – 2 rep Max Thruster

Partner B – 2 rep Max Snatch

Partner C – 2 rep Max Clean and Jerk

* Athletes will have 8 minutes to establish their 2 rep maxes. The 2 reps are not touch and go. They will be performed in a strict 20 second window. Athletes can make as many attempts at the 2 rep max during the 8 minutes. THE BAR MAY BE DROPPED FROM OVERHEAD!

Part 2, For Skill:

50 points

2 minute AMRAP of:

Bar Muscle Ups (Chin over bar pullups for scaled)

* One athlete working at a time.

Workout 3

100 points

For Speed:

110 Burpee Box Jump Overs (scaled may perform step overs)

*This will be performed on the turf football field. The box will start on the goal line and be moved 10 yards every 10 burpees until finishing on the opposite goal line.

Workout 4

100 points

For Capacity:

WOD 4 – “For Capacity”

12 minutes to complete:

Athlete 1 – Bike Calories               Rx Male 50 / Female 35 – Sc 35/20

Athlete 2 – Bike Calories               Rx Male 50 / Female 35 – Sc 35/20

Athlete 3 – Bike Calories               Rx Male 50 / Female 35 – Sc 35/20

In time remaining complete AMRAP* of:

50 Rx Toes to Bar / Sc Hanging Knee Raises

25 Over the Shoulder Sandbag Cleans Rx 120/80 Sc 80/50

50 Sandbag Squats

*If two rounds are completed within the 12 minutes window, athletes will go back to the bike for max calories in the time remaining.

Order of Operations

At the cue of “3, 2, 1 Go!!!,”

Athlete 1 will pedal through their categories allotted calories.  Upon completion of the calories, athlete 1 will begin to chip away at the AMRAP, solo.  As soon as athlete 1 has completed the calories, athlete 2 will perform the same number of calories for their division.  When athlete 2 has completed their calories they may help athlete 1 with the AMRAP.  ((The AMRAP will be one athlete working at a time)) Now that athlete 2 has completed the allotted calories, athlete 3 may now step in and complete their calories.  When athlete 3 has finished they may assist the other team members with the AMRAP.  Even though there are three athletes only one may work at a time.  So, go fast!

If two full rounds are completed and there is still time left on the clock, team members will work to perform as many calories as possible.  For this portion of the bike it is up to the team to decide how to split up the work load. 

Tip – you may have an athlete waiting on the bike while the other team members are finishing the AMRAP.  Obviously a judge will be there to make sure no one starts pedaling early.

Movement Standards

Bike – Judges will reset the bikes and cue athletes to start and when they are finished. Athletes may stand or sit while pedaling.

Toes to Bar – Athletes will start each rep from the full hang with both feet passing behind the plane made by the bar. Both feet must touch the bar at the same time and in between the hands. You may grip overhand, mixed, or underhand.

Hanging knee raises – The same standards apply. Legs must pass through full extension before curling the hips and knees up. The top of the knee must be raised above the crease of the hip.

Sandbag Cleans – Athletes will start each repetition with the sandbag on the floor. Different lifting styles may be used but each athlete must pass through knee and hip extension before throwing the sandbag over the shoulder. Judges will be looking for the sandbag to go over the shoulder and not beside the shoulder.

Sandbag Squats – Athletes will pick up the sandbag and perform squats. The sandbag may be held anywhere above the hip. You may bear hug or place on the shoulder or back.  As well, team members can help in placement of the bag prior to squatting.  Hip crease below the top of the knee applies.


Bike buy in – 50 points

As soon as the 3rd athlete completes the calories of their division their time will be noted for later placement.

AMRAP – 50 points

Total reps accumulated of the possible 2 rounds* and additional calories on the bike will determine placing.

*If 2 full rounds are completed the time will be noted in case of possible tie breaker.

* This workout will involve the StrongFit sandbags in a ground to over the shoulder movement. Weight is 120/80 Rx and 80/50 scaled (not the 180 monster from last year).