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Sean Grady 14.6

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

Sean Grady 14.6

Monday was another great day at CrossFit 2232. PRs and Max matches were being hoisted like it was just another day. Marzena is now over the century mark in squats. Rich knocking on the 300s. Zeke and Mike closing in on the 400s. Amy deadlifting over 200 for first time. Multiple others ringing the bell. Just another day. Except for Master’s qualifier Sean Grady who had yet to tackle Event 3.

Here is an excerpt from CrossFit Games:

It all started on Feb. 27 with the worldwide Open. More than 37,000 masters athletes entered the Open and after five workouts over five weeks, only 2,000 advanced to the next qualifying stage—the Masters Qualifier.

Over the last four days, the fittest 200 athletes in each age division have completed the four Masters Qualifier events. These events tested each competitor’s abilities in high-skill movements such as muscle-ups, squat snatches, one-rep-max cleans, handstand push-ups, double-unders and high-rep pull-ups.

So looking at the numbers again, 37,000 entered and only 2000 advanced. Of that 2000, Sean was in a sub group of the top 200 in the world. Only 20 of each 200 can advance to the Games.

Back to the finish of Monday and the Master’s Qualifier. Sean had yet to tackle event 3 and it’s 45 handstand pushups. Side note; up to Monday Sean had never held a handstand. However, he had been doing great. Event 1 had him PR his Power Clean from 155 to 180lbs. Event 2 had him perform Squat snatches at 95lbs a weight previously not worked with. Finally, Event 4, who wants to do 50 pullups and 100 wallballs? Not this guy

Event 3: After working to get upside down, he goes to Cody Ellis to work on a handstand pushup. Second side note; Sean came in convinced he was getting a DNF on this one. He forgot he was “Big Daddy Grady.” Next thing I know, I turn around and Sean does 5 kipping handstand pushups in a row. Cody with that goofy smile gives me the head nod and I tell him to save them and lets get to work. Event 3 sees Sean Grady finish all 3 rounds of 30 calorie row, 15 handstand pushups, and 50 double unders and not a single DNF for 2014’s first CrossFit Games Master’s Qualifier.

As of right now, score posting closed, Sean Grady sits in 86th place in the WORLD. Looking at the leaderboard it seems that 112 of the CrossFit world’s Masters 200 could not finish all 4 workouts. But “Big Daddy Grady” did.

In closing, we see as coaches at CF2232 one hell of a working group of people that makes everyday special. From Sean Grady’s performance, to the PRs, to the person who reaches squat depth for the first time, to my baby Rhema doing PVC thrusters then throwing the bar. God likes me!