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CrossFit 2232 opened in late 2011 by Jama and Amy Anders. Their vision was twofold: to create a facility to help get people into the best shape of their lives and to create a tight knit community of athletes of all fitness levels and walks of life. Step inside our doors and you'll see why we aren't like other gyms. Join us for a month and you'll never want to miss a workout again.
CrossFit 2232
CrossFit 2232 added 31 new photos — with Marzena Bradley and 4 others.Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 at 9:42pm
Snatch EMOM followed by three 5 minute rounds of 12/9/6 OHS + BBJO with 5 minute rests in between.
CrossFit 2232
CrossFit 2232Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 at 3:58pm
The CrossFit Open 2019

Honestly, I haven't had time to think about or get excited about this year's Open, until now, and I think I have a unique perspective this year.

Every year previous, the competition has been about getting better and climbing the leaderboard. With my back wrecked almost this entire year, the thoughts of even putting myself on the leaderboard have been stayed.

However, the Open isn't really about the leaderboard. The Open is about the community. With that being said, I want us to jump in to this year with both feet, nanos or metcons ready, barehanded or barehand gloves on, and chalk everywhere.

Sign up. Get some data to look back on. Can you improve a decade from now? For myself, I think, can I calm my mind and just work? Can I do everything Rx? More than likely I'll have to drop down on something or skip out on a lift. Who cares?

I say put yourself out there. Take this 5 weeks and go to that dark place. Take these workouts and find something deep within. Let loose. Sweat. Scream. Cry. Pass out. Just get out of your comfort zone. You train so life can test you. Might as well get tested under "safe" conditions.

So, here's the deal. CrossFit 2232 will take those that sign up online and make teams. These teams will have their own team names and custom leaderboards. From there we will compete for something....not sure yet.

Yep, I'm getting excited now. Let's go!
CrossFit 2232
CrossFit 2232Monday, February 18th, 2019 at 3:14pm
Here are the final rankings for the Iron Brave Games II:

Rx Female
1. 828 Hereos
2. Frenemies
3. Powered by Coffee
4. SCCF Aloha
5. Strong, Fast, and Gymnasty
6. Blueprint Bafoons
7. The Team who must not be Named
8. Flex Appeal
Rx Male
1. Lederhosen and Lululemon
2. Built by Laney
3. BDE
4. Stacked
5. The Strong, the Fast, and Robert
6. #Aeszn
7. 3 Men and a Barbell
8. Land Lifeguards
9. Misfit Takeover
10. Backwoods Boys
11. Whiskey Woodshop Ammo
12. JGS
13. Forged Fit
14. Walking Deadlifters
Scaled Female
1. Benchwarmers
2. Rock Bottoms
3. Belly Up
Scaled Male
1. Catamount Not So Elite
2. Rowing Pains


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