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"Strengthen Your Brothers"

Hows the Silverback Challenge going?

Gaining weight/Losing Weight? Have you been doing the Time under Tension and getting under barbells? I want to leave you this weekend with an article written by lifter/rocker Henry Rollins. This is one of my favorite pieces on why a person may lift. Many parallels to a lot of our training and experiences. The last …

Time Under Tension

Below you will find the Time Under Tension protocol that we will be following for the Silverback challenge. This was presented to us by Dr. Dan Stickler during a class on the Paleo Diet. At CrossFit 2232 we will be performing TUT on Tuesdays and Friday/Saturday depending on whether you perform the Open WOD 9pm …

Silverback Challenge Introduction

Silverback Challenge 3-24-2014 to 5-5-2014 (must have last meal @ a Mexican restaurant). 1.) Don’t be a baby! This is a challenge. A challenge to be the alpha male/female. This is to make you a lean mean fighting machine. Crush everyday. Find an accountablity partner. Somebody that won’t take a day off. If you are …