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"Strengthen Your Brothers"

Post 4 Falling Down

In Corinthians, it reads, “Why let him that thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.” This part of the verse rings loud in my ears after my proclamation of future success.  Mainly due to the fact of my failure to stay on task this week.  I have had events to celebrate that allowed the …

Post 3: This year’s Open | This year’s You

As you may know, I am three weeks deep into a personal challenge of my own.  The challenge is to lose about 3% body fat without losing more than 5 pounds of actual body weight.  The trouble with tracking progress is that I swing 3-7 pounds a day depending on consumption and workouts.  So my …

Post 2: Deadlift Gains

Week 2 brought with it the usual challenges. You start a meal plan with determination but in a short amount of time the urges kick in hard. You either give in or grind on. My week was laid out as usual. I skipped breakfast to fast from 9pm to 11am. I ate my two Mad …