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"Strengthen Your Brothers"

Exercise: Best drug on the Market 1-23-2015

Exercise: Best drug on the Market B.D. has become a great propellant to my thinking. Recently he stumbled upon an article that concluded lack of exercise is a more important factor in mortality than obesity (or lack of). So the question was, “why?” Popular thinking would have you believe that an obese individual is at …

Amaze Yourself!

Recently watched an interview with Christmas Abbott on Barbell Shrugged and other than a bit of rough language there were some truly useful nuggets of wisdom. I watched this video shortly after a member told me that they’ve never run a 5K. Now I’m sure 98% of the world hasn’t run a 5K but the …

Coach’s Corner: Why CrossFit?

“You just don’t understand.” Will Smith said this about parents. I’m directing this to the weightlifters, power lifters, runners, and all athletes, grandparents, housewives, and toddlers.   Everyone on the face of the planet should CrossFit and I’m going to tell you why. Cause I freaking said SO! Well that isn’t very enlightening, but I digress. …