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"Strengthen Your Brothers"

Training is a Magical Journey

Training is a magical journey in human exploration.  It is a personal adventure in which you discover strange new worlds all inside yourself.   CrossFit’s methodology of constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity puts you on this path of individual study.  And this study can lead down many paths that intersect or completely veer …

To Lift or Not to Lift

Recently some questions have arisen concerning the training of young athletes.  Personally those opposed to the concept amaze me.  Have we not advanced past the accepting of old wise tales and myths? The fear of allowing a prepubescent child to perform exercise under external load is ridiculous. That’s the same as telling your child to …

To BE or not to BE!!

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  This is a partial verse from the bible meaning that if people don’t have a hearing/reading knowledge of the scriptures they will fall away and perish, lost. This came to mind as I viewed an inspiring video with Arnold and the cofounder of Musclepharm Cory Gregory.  Arnold …