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Iron Brave Games II Duty List

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

Iron Brave Games II Duty List

What makes a great competition?

Great competitors.  Fun – challenging workouts.  Consistent judging.  BE ON TIME. 


Check your teams.  Check your Heats.  Check your lanes.  First two wods are basically the same but there are a couple of changes to WOD 3 and a bunch on WOD 4.  Stick to the plan.

Be consistent with standards.  They have potential to make some bank.  However, remember many are there to have fun.  You are there to judge first, but the best judges I have had in the past find a way to be encouraging.  If it’s a no rep, say “NO-REP”.  If they do it again, let them know why it’s a no rep. 

Even though judges and scorekeepers are paired up, the judge is the head standard holder.  Scorekeeper can help but not no rep.  As well, judges will be holding the count.  However, scorekeepers can track it on the scorecard to track for judge.

As well, judges will be the main time keeper.  They will also finalize the scorecard.


Check your teams.  Check your Heats.  Check your lanes.  You are the main players in keeping the flow of the day on track.  Find your team and make sure that they are at their warm and briefs, but more and most importantly, have them staged and in their lanes.  Then when its go time they are 3,2,1 GO ready.  Transitions will be fast 2-5 minutes depending on the workouts.

At the end of the workout, get the scorecard to the judge and get your team staged and ready to go.


Cassy will be the runner.  Cassy get the scorecards and turn them in to Sean Grady the ScoreMaster!

Equipment crew

Check the difference between scaled and Rx.  Check the lanes. Get the proper setup for each lane.  Weights, sandbags, boxes, wallballs, bikes, etc….


Workout 1 – “For Time” Fitness Center Pool

Judge – stay on the wallball side and judge the wallballs.  Also, let athletes know how far they have to swim after wallballs.  After last set, make your way to the rower in your lane to call time that 3rd athlete gets out of the water.  For wallballs, athletes may have a towel but it is not your job to hand it to them. You may run down the lane to meet your last athlete exiting the pool to better asses finishing times.

Scorekeeper – You will be starting and stopping the rower to make sure that it is cleared out.  Also, do not let the athlete touch the handle until you say go.  For tiebreaker, note the time that the first athlete finishes their round (exit the pool). 

Workout 2 – “For Strength” Fieldhouse

Judge – Make sure the athletes go through proper range of motion.  Perform 2 reps with a re grip and within a 20 second window.  The stopwatch will be the judges responsibility.  As well, bar muscle ups and pullups will be on the judge to rep or no rep.  Call out MU number for scorekeeper to log.

Scorekeeper – Write down the attempted weights and final weights of the athletes and log in number of reps of gymnastics. Tally a total for scoremaster. Get your next team ready.

Workout 3 – “For Speed” Football Field

Judge – Make sure athletes chest touches the turf, two foot take off, and cue next athlete to go.

Scorekeeper – Help keep burpee count and for this event you will have the stopwatch and scorecard.  Time will be called as they come back and cross the finish line.  So, be ready to run with your team.

Workout 4 – “For Capacity” Fieldhouse

Judge – Get your team set for where they will T2B, bike, and sandbag.  You will be responsible for the AMRAP portion (judging and counting). Get bike time down and finishing reps.

Scorekeeper – Get your team.  Set up the bike.  You will be responsible for starting the bike, cueing the athletes on and off of it, and noting the time at which they finish the bike portion.  This is half of the workout so its super important.  As well, teams will be back to the bike.  As they finish the 2 round AMRAP have the bike on and ready.  Athletes will start off of the bike and hop on at 3,2,1…. Also scorekeepers I want you to synchronize stopwatches so that as soon as you see the desired calories pop up you can clip your stopwatch to mark time.

Equipment crew

You are a huge part of the success and us getting in and out early.

Pool WOD – 1 rower in each lane. Wallball targets marked. Check heatsheet for what ball needs to be where. Rx 20/14, Sc 14/10.  You may help by drying off wallballs in between heats.  As soon as we finish the pool WOD, load the rowers, peel the tape, load the wallballs, and pull the pool cover back to its spot.

Strength WOD – We will set up for the first heat on Friday so transition from pool to fieldhouse goes smoothly.  We will need 6 ladies bars upstairs and a couple downstairs.  After each heat help teams reset the weights and clear the bars so next heat can jump in.  It’s going to go fast.  After the 5th heat we will be done with bars and weights.  They can be loaded onto the trailer. 

Lunch time – someone will get boxes out to the field.  Check heatsheets to see Rx or Scaled. Rx will use big boxes. Scaled will use the short boxes.  There is a lane change for Rock Bottoms a Rx female team that changed to scaled.  They will need a small box.

Burpee WOD – just make sure boxes are correct and set at their lane at the goal line.

Last workout – This is where it gets crazy.  Xebex Bikes on one side and assault bikes on the other.  Guys are on assault bikes.  Ladies are on the Xebex.  So sandbags for those lanes should match the bike.  Rx 120/80, Scaled 80/50.  After fourth heat we will load all that up.  50# slamballs stay at the school.

Check in – You will have a master sheet just to check off that teams are there and ready.  Scorekeepers will be keeping the scorecards on their clipboards.  You will have heatsheets to make sure teams know when and where they are supposed to be somewhere.

ScoreMaster – Sean, triple check everyone’s entries and then plug them into the computer.  Highlight the winner of each WOD.  What you post will show up on the big screen.