In Corinthians, it reads, “Why let him that thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.” This part of the verse rings loud in my ears after my proclamation of future success.  Mainly due to the fact of my failure to stay on task this week.  I have had events to celebrate that allowed the excuses to flow and the gains to stop.  This was a week lost that I don’t get back.  Why did it happen?

This is actually a common occurrence.  I can’t speak from a scientific perspective but I can speak from the experience of myself and many of those I have trained.  Many of the diet based challenges we do are 4-8 weeks long.  It seems that by week 3 the wheels fall off.  Participants tend to struggle through that third week and it becomes a deciding factor in their success for the challenge.  A couple of weeks have went by and you feel pretty good.  You feel you have worked hard and deserve a respite from that work.  However, that’s not the real reason you fall off.

There is a tricky head game that happens once you make a goal and start working toward it.  First, the biggest mistake is telling someone what your goal is.  Once you tell someone your plans they become factual data in your mind.  “Hey I’m doing a 6 week challenge to lose weight.”  That statement became fact in your mind and already felt like an achievement.  It’s like the “I’m going to start Monday” mindset.  The Monday starters always feel as though they are doing something because they have a plan to do something even though that something was never performed.  Part of the issue is that we tend to get positive feedback from those whom we tell our goals.  People are happy for you and so you feel happy for yourself.  Yet you haven’t done diddly poo.

Snatching Fool

I speak from experience.  It goes a little something like this.  “I will have abs.”  “I will pass up those M&Ms at the gas station.”  What happened?  Probably the same day that I wrote that, Brian #BigLikeButcher offers me a monster bag of peanut M&Ms.  Did I decline the offer?  Of course not.  Anybody know me to say no to free food? Then we sign some athletes to play college ball and you know they are bringing some Little Harvey’s cake.  Then Jordan had tryouts in Asheville, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY! Rhema has started naming my abs from Santa’s reindeer.  Yeah, let’s go to Papa’s they have great salsa and margaritas.  I’ll get back on it Monday.  Yeah until Nolan’s 18th birthday on Wednesday when Amy makes her super amazing feed a dinosaur pizza rolls.  Then, yesterday the football team was honored by council for the State Championship…..and we went to Selu Gardens for breakfast buffet. That’s how week 3 goes people.  I came.  I saw. I got conquered.

Thank God it’s Friday.  I’ve got my prepped Mad Meals to get me through this weekend like a champ.  Don’t let the excuses become missed opportunities to succeed.  The next few weeks we have the CrossFit Open.  Food can either fuel your performance or hinder it.  It’s time to me to rejoin all of you in getting better.  I don’t mind setting the example and even though I’ve listed the goals I know that I have not succeeded.  I expect to see all of my people in the Be the Change Challenge, succeed.  Too many of us to let anyone fall behind.  Write your goals down.  Shut your pie-hole.  Get to work.  You all can do this.

Man that was a big bag of M&Ms.  Still some in my fridge.  Get thee behind me.

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