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Post 2: Deadlift Gains

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

Post 2: Deadlift Gains

Week 2 brought with it the usual challenges. You start a meal plan with determination but in a short amount of time the urges kick in hard. You either give in or grind on.

My week was laid out as usual. I skipped breakfast to fast from 9pm to 11am. I ate my two Mad Meal preps lunches at 11am and 6pm. To fight off hunger and get some fats I ate two handfuls of nuts and dried fruit plus an afternoon black coffee. However, by Thursday I gave in and had Taco Bell for breakfast and paid for it dearly in how I felt the rest of the day.

The daily fasting is something to get used to but you will be amazed at how much better you feel when it’s done right. You are lighter. You feel some kind of clarity not processing food all day. But make sure to still fuel the fire.

To supplement the Mad Meals and coffee regimen, I am still using two scoops of amino acids daily. Sipping and adding water as I go.  As well, I typically add 5g of creatine to my second scoop of aminos.

This week’s workouts were pretty intense with a decent amount of volume. As we move into Open season for CrossFit the gymnastics and intensity have to be there.  The increased intensity brings with it another level of soreness. Again, you must fuel the fire.

My weight is consistently bouncing between morning 193 and evening 195. This is close to the goal weight but tightening that up without any more weight loss is the goal. All my pants are already back to being loose and not skin tight.

Best thing this week is that I hit 465# on a deadlift which is only 20# off my personal best, ever. That’s with fasting, clean eating, and increase in intensity.  Lose a little bit at a time. Still eat good healthy portions to keep power. Increase fats for hormone levels.

We can do this my friends. Eyes always on the goal.