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Be The Change Update 1

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

Be The Change Update 1

Update 2-22-2018

The start and finish dates for the challenge have been changed due to spring break.

This Friday, 2-23 will be the start date with Friday, 4-6 being the final weigh-in.

As for the challenge, I want this to be a time of assessment and reflection.  Not only are we trying to create change and adopt some good habits, but we are learning that some self-discipline is possible.  Commitment to the process will go a long way.

Some parts of this challenge are pretty straight forward.  Workout that day and you get points for your attendance.  Drink at least a half gallon of water and boost the daily score even more.  Weigh in every Friday, lose or gain (depends on goals) at least 1 pound each weigh in and receive 7 points.

However, it may get a bit fuzzy when dealing with the food journal and effort points.  The food journal is your homework.  Write down EVERYTHING!  Again, this is on the honor system.  You must make entries daily.  If you do, give yourself the points.  We will look at it at the end and discuss how to pick it apart so please write every M&M or shot of bourbon that goes in.  It’s purely data!  Now the effort points give you a chance to say Yes or No to what you did that day.  Did you stick to the plan?  No excuses.  No complaining.  No sympathy.  Did you do what you were supposed to or did you compromise?  Life happens but don’t give yourself credit if you “gave in”.

Simply put, your belly doesn’t care if you forgot your workout shoes, your kid has a birthday party, or your dog got run over.

One last thought.  I read a quote once that said, “where there is a question there is no question.”  Ok, what is that?  The guy in the story was concerned about his weight and he asked his dad about it.  The dad said to simply go look in the mirror and see if you are happy.  Well he wasn’t.  But why am I fat?  Where there is a question there is no question.  He came home everyday and had a sleeve of crackers with cheese.  He knew what to do.  Do these pants make my butt look big?  If you have to ask then you already know.

Don’t pretend to believe McDonalds is real food.  Don’t say you don’t know what to eat.  Real food is on the perimeter of the grocery store.  Don’t say you don’t have time.  Time allotted is priority based.  I’m not getting out of this soap box.  I’m just rolling the windows up and driving off in it.