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Be the Change Challenge

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

Be the Change Challenge

Starts:                   First Weigh In- Monday 2/26/2018 /  Last Weigh In- Monday 4/9/2018

Entry fee:             $30

Duration:             6 weeks

Prize:                   1 Month Free Membership



The objective of this challenge is not entirely based on weight loss or mass gain, but to promote better daily habits.  It is to prove that you can do the things necessary to make change and maintain those changes after the challenge is over.  However, to make change you MUST have a clear objective and WORK toward that goal.  If it doesn’t challenge you then it won’t change you.


Where do I start?

Buy in and get a journal (included in $30).  Write down your goals; weight loss/gain, benchmark movements/times, whatever.  Take measurements; weight/inches.  Track workouts in your journal.  In addition, keep a daily food intake journal.  At minimum, drink ½ a gallon of water.  Tally your points and post the total every Monday after you weight in.  Get your mind right.


How do I score points?

We will use a 10-point scale, daily with a possible 7pts. additional, weekly.

4 points – For a completed workout at a CrossFit gym – 2 points if you perform an actual workout at home.  These points on not “in addition to” they are “instead of”. This does not include walking.  You should do that anyway.

2 points – For drinking at least a ½ gallon of water.

2 points – For keeping a food journal.  You must right down every food or drink consumed.  This item will be on the honor system and what is consumed will be up to you.  We will discuss items at the end but they will not affect your score, but will of course affect your performance.

2 points – For effort.  What? Did you give in?  This is basically a yes or no question and again on the honor system.  Did you have that piece of cake you said no to at the beginning?  Did you drink a coke even though you said that you would not.  Were the decisions made in line with your goals?  This requires a little daily self reflection.

7 bonus points – These are to be tallied on a weekly basis.  Weigh in every Monday at CF2232.  If your goal was to lose and you are down a pound from initial weigh in, then add 7 points.  If your goal was to gain weight and you gained a pound, then add 7 points.


Final Thoughts:

Again, this is a challenge to get you to focus on a goal and work to achieve that goal.  Your food intake journal and workout journal will provide data that can be used a lifetime.

Find what you love and let it kill you – Jekyllhyde_Apparel (or Charles Bukowski)