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Is Merely “Surviving” Life Satisfying?

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Is Merely “Surviving” Life Satisfying?

We discuss in class ways about bringing intensity with the end goal of producing the greatest physical adaptation. We know that increased intensity will develop increased gains in performance that will ultimately produce higher levels in fitness. Yet, in our quest for fitness, we acquire various sore joints, tight muscles, and assorted aches and pains from stressing the bodies tissues.

Many symptoms can be combatted through nutrition, rest, hydration, and manual therapies. However, none of these symptoms should be deterrents toward meeting your life and wellness goals. I have not met a single person in or out of the gym that is not in some type of pain. But, everyone deals with it differently. One of my favorite quotes (one of about 2 I can remember) is from Marcus Aurelius,

“Reject your sense of injury and the injury itself disappears.”

This has been a reoccurring thought in my head, “people are weak.” This is not just in the physical sense but the mental and spiritual sense as well. We inherently avoid suffering in the hopes of comfort. We think that comfort will bring satisfaction. Personally I believe this to be farthest from the truth. Perhaps this is my attraction to CrossFit and the people that train by it. CrossFitters suffer collectively and learn how to not only push through suffering but combat the fears of the knowledge of impending suffering. The bible reads in Romans 5:3-4, “but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; 4 perseverance, character; and character, hope.” If we neglect opportunities to suffer then we will not receive the qualities that suffering can produce. A recent podcast from Barbell Shrugged had guests, Keith Jardine and Tait Fletcher, who really drove this point home for me. First, Tait quoted this, “death is just as close for the idle man as it is for the daredevil.” Then, he posed this question and response of which I will loosely quote;

Seek Death –
Think about where you make yourself weak in life. Think about cutting away those weaknesses in your life.

We cleave to comfort and think that is success.

Comfort is akin to weakness. Comfort is like death. Places I get comfortable in life I think you better bring in some pain here.

Nothing is earned if not suffered for. Nothing is worth earning if not suffered for.

I’ll leave you with this. If you feel weak in your suffering read remember in Romans that suffering lead to hope.

In Psalms 119:49-50 it also says,

“Remember your word to your servant,
for you have given me hope.
50 My comfort in my suffering is this:
Your promise preserves my life.