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To Lift or Not to Lift

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

To Lift or Not to Lift

Recently some questions have arisen concerning the training of young athletes.  Personally those opposed to the concept amaze me.  Have we not advanced past the accepting of old wise tales and myths? The fear of allowing a prepubescent child to perform exercise under external load is ridiculous. That’s the same as telling your child to not help with the groceries or carry the baby in from the car.  Even worse are the ones that have to bale hay.  Side note: how many strongmen and champion wrestles grew up doing just that? Don’t even think about playing outside. The load put on the body running and jumping is tremendous. Ok, enough ridiculing.  There truly is a great deal of information concerning why a child should actually lift weights and zero scientific evidence against it.

I thought I’d have to write up a massive article but luckily enough the CrossFit Journal has one better written than I could hope to achieve.  I leave you with CrossFit Weightlifting tag line, “start them young.”

CrossFit Journal Article- Start Them Young