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To BE or not to BE!!

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

To BE or not to BE!!

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  This is a partial verse from the bible meaning that if people don’t have a hearing/reading knowledge of the scriptures they will fall away and perish, lost. This came to mind as I viewed an inspiring video with Arnold and the cofounder of Musclepharm Cory Gregory.  Arnold spoke of his rise to the top and how it all came about.  As well, he discussed three main factors to his success: urgency, visualization, and accountability.  These strategies can greatly increase your efficiency in and out of the gym.

Urgency.  Arnold spoke of his drive to be the best whether it was for a movie role, bodybuilding competition, or politics.  He went at each project with a sense of urgency.  Meaning there was no time for mistakes or hiccups in the program.  How does that apply to both the competitive athlete down to the soccer mom?  Simple.  The shortest distance between two points is a line.  What’s one coke? It’s a curve in the road.  What’s some ice cream a few times a week? It’s a bumpy dirt back road home.  What’s pizza and chips when you are too tired to fix food?  It’s reading a map upside down and hoping to hit the Florida Keys.  You might get there eventually but how long will it take and how difficult was life made on the way there.  You must have a sense of urgency.  I get so tired of the I’ll start Monday.  OK, when wrestling is over.   When I’m not so busy.  How about right now?  I heard this before.  What will you tell someone when you are 75?  Will you be satisfied with what you did or wish you had tried harder?  You have to see the goal and urgently reach for the goal.  Lean into the finish line.

Next, this is why Arnold mentioned visualization.  He visualized everything.  He saw people out of shape and told himself that was what he didn’t want.  He saw other competitors slipping and gained confidence in himself.  When he trained he saw his biceps as mountain peaks; huge, bulging, growing.  Mind/Muscle connection is real.  Read about it. As well, Arnold looked in the mirror and not only saw what he was but what he could be.  What do you see when you look in the mirror?  You may have heard me speak of not getting on the scales and not stress over actually losing weight.  I truly feel that if you stress about the need to lose a pound, your body will hold onto it with everything it has to protect itself.  This might sound in opposition to urgency.  However, the urgency is in what you do to lose those pounds and not that act of losing those pounds.  You must see yourself as the person you want to be.  This will transcend to all levels of life.  In the interview, Arnold spoke of others that saw his potential for greatness and that in turn made him better.  See a better you.  Concentrate in and out of the gym.

Third and final, find someone to go along the journey with you.  Training partners are hard to come by especially those with the same urgency and dedication as you.  Training partners are accountability partners.  They will smack that bread out of your hand.  They will add 10 pounds to your bar.  They will get one more rep than you.  They will tell you when you look great or when you need to push harder.  People need other people to stay on track.

So, ask yourself if it is worth it to cheat during the day or wait till next week.  See yourself as something better and quit wasting precious time.  It truly is the little things that add up.  The small compromises that become the inherent problem.  Make little goals that will in turn become big goals.  And finally share the journey with someone.  No fun going it all alone.  Quit your whining!