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W.O.D. Wednesday 3-25-2015

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

W.O.D. Wednesday 3-25-2015

Really great job running yesterday. I’m impressed. Guess we will just have to do more of it.

Warm Up – 3×12
Lateral Step Ups
KB Swings USA
10yd Duck Walk – dowel overhead

SWOD – 15min EMOM
5min – 3 Hang Snatch / 2 Box jumps
5min – 2 Low Hang Snatch / 2 Box jumps
5min – 1 Power Snatch / 1 Box jump
Increase weight and height as long as form is intact.

WOD – “Isabel”
30 Snatches for time 135/95
(7 min cap)

This is a GO wod. Pick a weight you can move and stay on top of that bar.
You know thrusters and burpees are coming. Stretch those shoulders, wrists, hips, and ankles. Be somebody!