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CrossFit Open – Rx or Scaled? The C…

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CrossFit Open – Rx or Scaled? The C…

CrossFit Open – Rx or Scaled?

The CrossFit Open is the precursor to Regionals and the first step to the ultimate test of fitness, the CF Games. As participants in CrossFit we need to realize that this is a time set apart from the other days, weeks, and months of training that we push through. This time of year is where fitness meets sport and exercising becomes a truly elite competition.

So, the question in participating in a competition is at what level will you compete. This is the first year that CFHQ has offered us a scaled division. Ingenious! Scaled individuals will be able to perform the workout and see where they rank across the globe (against other scaled individuals).

Know that 1 Rx repetition will be ranked higher than any amount of “scaled” repetitions and no individual going scaled will advance to Regionals or the Masters qualifier.

Now only the 99th% make it to the next level anyway so it’s not that big of a concern. However, you as a participant must have an idea of how you want to participate.

The Open brings with it so many cool elements not related to the leaderboard. Thursday nights to me are like 5 days of Christmas. The workouts bring a higher level of community interaction and intensity. It’s the culmination of all your hardwork. It’s test time! It’s amazing to see someone get their first toes to bar, pullup, or muscle up. Havn’t snatched 115#’s before? This is your week. Mark Sale hitting 135# for 2 reps last year was spectacular. What will you do this year?

No matter what, scaled or Rx’d, your coaches are extremely proud and enjoy nothing more than to watch you “DO WORK!”