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Amaze Yourself!

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

Amaze Yourself!

Recently watched an interview with Christmas Abbott on Barbell Shrugged and other than a bit of rough language there were some truly useful nuggets of wisdom. I watched this video shortly after a member told me that they’ve never run a 5K. Now I’m sure 98% of the world hasn’t run a 5K but the person I was talking to has entered multiple long slow distance activities. What they were stating was that they haven’t run the entire distance. All the activities were performed at a run/walk pace. Maybe I have high expectations, but I refuse to believe that any member consistently working at CF2232 for at least 3 months can’t run a full 5K without walking. This is a mental issue more than a physical one. Everyone needs a little Ron LaRocque in them! Ron gets it!

Success, especially in CrossFit requires consistency and intensity.  Ron’s intensity is infectious. Work as a partner or in a team with him and you will find out.  Cody and I got pushed on the tire press/slamball run WOD.  Ron put it on Lee with the Partner chipper.  And he smoked all the guys on the run this week.  I don’t say this to build up Ron (even if he is a swell guy) but more to provide an example of self expectation.  In the Abbott interview she mentioned that one of her favorite lines was, “give yourself the opportunity to amaze yourself.”

CrossFit gets you out of that comfort zone.  It helps mold that ability to do things when it’s not easy and embrace things you previously might not have been able to achieve.  Don’t look at obstacles in life as “I can’t.” Simply look at it as “in the process of” or in the context of “you will eventually.”

Stop saying you can’t do something.  Go ahead and say, “I won’t” because “I can’t” is simply your choice.  You choose whether or not you can do.  Simply put one foot in front of the other.  Run don’t walk and keep moving.

Coach Jama