1121 Main St, Bryson City, NC 28713

W.O.D. Monday 10-6-2014

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

W.O.D. Monday 10-6-2014

Last few days of Beer City prep. We are sending 5 teams. Not bad for a little ol’ CrossFit gym.

Here are a few tips:
Drink water. Hydration helps performance and recovery.
Begin to taper duration and weight lifted.
Practice your skills.
Make time for mobility. No less than 10min specific cooldown daily.
Talk with your teammates.

Beatdown WOD 3
Performed as a partner workout
For time:
300m shuttle run (25/50/75)
40 Hang Cleans 115/85
40 Front Squats
80 Kettlebell Swings USA 55/35
40 Medball Situps 20
25m Lunge (double KB front rack)
300m shuttle run

1 min Max Row

Core Cooldown 3×20
Reverse Hyperz