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Coach’s Corner– Will Styles

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Coach’s Corner– Will Styles


What is about the word “Diet” that scares us so much?  After 3 years of Crossfiting and 2 years of coaching the question of “diet” gets asked more than anything else.  “What type of diet should I be on?”, “What kind of diet would help me lose weight?”, “When should I eat what foods?”  The best answer to these questions is “Don’t Diet! Just Eat!”

In today’s society “Diet” has become a word associated with the newest trend of alternating the way we eat to substitute for something else hoping in the end to accomplish ones goals.  Whether it be the Adkins Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, Raw Food Diet, Master Cleanse, and on and on and on they go!  Every magazine that we pick up today whether it be Men’s Health, US Weekly, Muscle and Fitness, Glamour, or almost any other magazine out there will have some kind of article in it about what to eat and how to eat it.  How has society become so engrained with how we eat and why do we as consumers struggle so much with this situation of “Diet”?

I think it has largely to do with the easy-fix mentality we have adapted over the generations.  We no longer live off the land like our ancestors, but now live off the fast food line.  What took months of growing in a garden and cooking on the stove 100 years ago only takes driving to the nearest Arby’s today.  We have become the “What is the fastest for me?” society instead of the “What is the healthiest for me?” society.  Sugar and other food lobbyist are a huge variable in our new diet routine but that is for another blog.

Here is what you need to do.  EAT: meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, NO sugar. Period.

If you are like most Americans and eat loaded carb foods on a daily basis or even at every meal take it slow.  Try changing one meal a day or even two or three meals a week.  Concentrate on what you buy in the grocery store.  If it’s not in the grocery cart then it’s not in your house therefore it’s not in your gut. When shopping, try staying to the outside of the aisles instead of down the aisles.  And remember,  it is never too late to change a habit, no matter how long you have had it.

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  1. Sean O Grady says:

    Good article, Will. I spend a lot of time cooking these days and it’s totally worth it.

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