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CF2232 Homework

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

CF2232 Homework

I have been asked by many of you about how to get stronger.  This is something quite dear to my heart so I want to throw out a little education with a series of articles I have read and then apply them to my own.  CrossFit 2232 will be entering a type of off season strength program as that’s what you do for fall and winter as a lifter/crossfitter.  Plus, as with the feedback I’m getting, it sure is fun.

However, I’d first like you to understand what’s going on in those muscle fibers you work so hard to train and grow.  This will help when I later explain the world of programming, lifting, and how it’s related to all the little stuff in your body.



Study the reference to the charts.  No quiz but cool info provided.

I’ll leave you with an excerpt from a Jim Wendler article:

The important thing is to write and read and train.

When you write, your thoughts become alive and take form. They become real. You know why no one writes the Great American Novel? Because they’re too scared to put pen to paper.

When you read, your mind expands. Your dreams become bigger and your words become more colorful. When you train, your body becomes taut and hard. And when you train hard, your mind must overcome the physical pain to overcome and move on.

All these things go hand in hand. Never stop creating, moving forward, and kicking ass. Discard the negative and trust your heart.