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CrossFit = Intensity It hasn’t been that…

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

CrossFit = Intensity It hasn’t been that…

CrossFit = Intensity

It hasn’t been that long since the CrossFit Games came to a close and not surprisingly we saw familiar faces on the podium. Only one CF rookie between the men and women. What is interesting is the difference in training volume among the athletes. However, the constant is the reference to intensity. This is also something taught at the CrossFit Level 1 trainer course. Intensity is it! Stick with me until the end of this.

I remember at our trainer course the flowmaster simply said, “Intensity. That’s where the good $#!@ (stuff) is!” The more I perform and coach CrossFit, the more I realize how correct he is. As previously mentioned, the male competitors spoke about their volume. Froning’s volume is stuff of myth and legend. For him it is a full time job that he pursues with intensity most of the day. He trains in multiple sessions early morning to later in the evening. Khalipa, who finished third, trains in at least 3 – 1 to 1.5hr sessions like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, Fraser, the second place finisher performs 1 session typically in the evening after a 9hr work day. Most can identify with this. 1-2hrs a day training and second place at the Games! Khalipa spoke on this for everyone saying they bust it in the gym. It’s about all business; training with high intensity. To get the most out of what you do you have to put in all the effort. Some of the ladies like Camille and Voboril (teacher and mom) also speak about no nonsense training and all out effort.

Let’s face it, CrossFit on paper is the easiest program on the planet! How hard could 21-15-9 of Thrusters and Pullups be? That’s only 45 of each movement. However, performed at high intensity this is the worst combo of all. Within 3 minutes your throat is burning, forearms swollen to unmoving fingers, and you don’t know to stand, roll around, or play dead. And the problem is, the more fit you get the harder everything is. Sorry but its the truth. You go faster and heavier. Intensity is what makes CrossFit what it is. Quick physics:

CrossFit = Intensity /// Intensity = Power /// Power = Work/Time /// Work = Force x distance /// Force = Mass x acceleration

Ok, the nerd in me loves this. CrossFit is not just a thrown together program. It’s applied physics. CrossFit’s methodology based on constantly varied, functional movements ,performed at high intensity states that we are to move large loads long distances through different time and modal domains. Think of the workouts you do and then apply them to the methodology and physics above. How quickly (time/acceleration) can I move(distance) a barbell (mass) through space and repetitions(work)? You can measure time, distance, horsepower, and ultimately quantify intensity of a workout. By simply changing an aspect of the physics behind it; work, time, mass, you change the dynamic of the workout and how you can apply intensity. That’s why CrossFit is awesome. You can measure the increase in your performance. As the performance measures increase you may find your inches decreasing. Your body will take on the effects of your measurable training.

However, let’s be fair. The intensity many of the high levels athletes speak of is more heavily weighed on the mental side of things. The physics part is cool but it’s the unyielding indomitable focus and drive that will make you better. Believe! Know you can. Always push to get better. Always!