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W.O.D. Thursday 8-21-2014

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

W.O.D. Thursday 8-21-2014

Last few days have been short. Let’s go a little longer…

WOD (6am named it Hell-ena)

50 Deadlifts @ 50%1RM
100 Inverted Rows
50 Box Jumps 24/20 @ step down
50 Bench Press @ 50%1RM
100 Push-ups
50 yds. bear crawl

Form unto death! Rep scheme may appear overwhelming but broken down accordingly it’s rather simple. Each exercise will present a 5 minute cutoff for a 30 minute time cap. Stay thirsty my friends!

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  1. Brook says:

    11 hours later my forearms are still tight.
    Used 100lb dead lift, 45lb bench, 3 45’s for box jumps, knees on push-ups and bench press height on rows. 23 min something seconds.

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