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Power of Positivity

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

Power of Positivity

Many of the things around us have the influence to shape our attitudes and experience. Most items presented to us through media and interaction are based on the negative. The news is based on war, disease, tragedy, and disaster. You ask someone how their day is and it becomes a story of suffering and sorrow (some true/some drama). What does this have to do with CrossFit? I believe the negativity around us or in us is quite relevant.

What is it that Heath Ledger kept saying in “A Knight’s Tale”? A man can change his stars. His character was speaking of status. With all the negativity saturating everything around you, you can change your stars, or status for you Facebookers. The positivity or negativity you carry inside you obviously affects life but in CrossFit it will without a doubt affect your performance.

How many times have I said before a big lift or jump, “Have no doubt”? I had a client ask me recently how do you overcome that feeling, when the wall smacks you, that you want to quit or can’t do it? How do you push through and feel like improvement is happening? It’s an interesting question and got me thinking of a few things I’ve seen. You have been there. I’ve seen you shake your head halfway through a WOD. I’ve seen you sitting in the floor trying to find a reason to get up and keep going. You yell at yourself or the bar during a WOD. You rest when you should push. You let that negative voice win out. For a moment we lose. We need to find a way to win.

So what can we do? Be Positive in the present. We do not get back a single second that passes. Every second wasted is a rep in life wasted. When you step in the box you have the ability to control your attitude and outlook. It’s what is in you. What drives you? Think about the good you are doing now. Your heart is pounding, lungs screaming, but look at what you are doing. You are amazing! Who cares what you did the day before? Who cares what you SHOULD be doing? It’s about what you are doing. So do it to the best of your abilities with all abandon and no regrets. Because it’s in that moment that you shake your head and doubt yourself that you have lost. Take a deep breath, pick up the bar, and KNOW how awesome you are. The “wall” is just an obstacle that becomes a goal. And goals are meant to be surmounted and crushed. Applied to CrossFit. Applied to Life.

Think it’s time to lift something.

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  1. Trina says:

    Inspiring! 🙂

  2. Teresa says:

    good post. Negativity is everywhere. Like you said some true some dramatized. There is also negativity in how you present yourself. I believe that you can be the most positive person inside but don’t display it on the outside. I am guilty of this at times. We must present and think positivity! This is a goal of mine, be more positive and to believe in myself more. Thanks. Very up lifting.

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