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Bending Bibles and Barbells

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

Bending Bibles and Barbells

Do you need more time to focus on Jesus?  Do you have questions about what the Bible says?  Or are you just looking for more time under a barbell?

CrossFit 2232 will be offering a new type of class during the 5:30pm Tuesday slot.  We are calling it Bending Bibles and Barbells.  We look to peel back the pages of the Bible while putting some weight on the bars.

You can expect some type of devotion at the beginning of class.  This will help in focusing thought and conversation as the class goes on.  Programming will be provided but can be loosely applied.  Some weeks we may perform an EMOM but don’t look for many “WODs” or metcons.  The lifting will be barbell oriented.

I like to believe that when I lift some part of it can Glorify God.  Make this His time as well as yours.  Anyone may participate and is welcome to attend.

Extended time slot 5:30 – 7:00 pm. Starting September 2.

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