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W.O.D. Tuesday 5-20-2014

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

W.O.D. Tuesday 5-20-2014

Intensity vs. Form

I have been watching videos of Froning recently and it’s easy to see why he is so good. Other than a ridiculous determination and superb genetic potential, he works at an amazing balance of Intensity and Form. This intensity vs. form balance produces efficiency of movement. This is the way CrossFit should be performed. Intensity is Power (work/time). Form is movement performed efficiently and safely. Put them together and you create a healthy balance as well as a faster WOD time. Next time you perform a workout truly focus on form and your breathing. Don’t redline in the quest for intensity as this normally produces a worse performance. Stay focused and deliberate. Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.

Partner WOD

300 Wallballs
1 lap with medball
200 Alternate KB/DB snatches 55/35
1 lap with KB/DB
100 weighted pushups (plate on shoulders 45/25)
1 lap with plate

For time

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  1. Marzena says:

    Worked out with Jodi, she is amazing!
    14 lbs wallballs, 20 lbs KB for snatches and 10 lbs plate for push ups. We ran 1 lap, than 2 laps and at the end 3 laps (without weights). Time: 39:15. Though WOD

  2. Brook says:

    Did a group of three, Me, Amy, and Avery we did 400, 275, 150 in 47:07 did KB snatches with 20lb, push ups with 10lb.

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