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W.O.D. Monday 5-5-2014

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

W.O.D. Monday 5-5-2014

Cinco de Mayo!!

Let us know about your gains during the Silverback Challenge.

Taking a page out of Regionals for the WOD:

15 – 12 – 9 of
Handstand Pushups
Front Squats 185/135


SWOD: 12min EMOM
Snatch 5/3/1
Box Jumps 2/2/1

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  1. Brook says:

    Front squat 73 which was tough for that many reps but I did it. Ties my front squat max ready to PR on that the next day it’s in a WOD. Did HSPU from a box, was feeling good about them until I fell on my head. Burpees normally don’t bother me but they were awful being this sore.

    Snatches felt good today. Did 5’s at 45 3’s at 55 and 1’s at 65. Jama suggested I go for PR at 75 but I wussed out. I did box jumps with confidence for the first time ever. Normally I am a big chicken.

  2. Jama says:

    Didn’t have time to warm up for WOD so front squat up to 295 then back down for 225×10,245×6,265×3,275×1

  3. Tbird says:

    This was terribly difficult for me. I used 135 but didn’t quite make it to the last 9. The 12s felt so much better than the 15s but I simply couldn’t push my body to do what I wanted today. I did complete everything else, including hand stand push ups without too much problem.

    Just overall a tough WOD for me.

  4. Marzena says:

    I did all squats with 63 lbs (except the first 5 at 73 lbs), had to push through them. Had a pretty bad form at the end. HSPU off the box and went well. It was super hard to go from burpees to squatting.
    snatches went ok, my last 2 were 58 lbs.

  5. TERESA says:

    Sterling: 93/113/133 for front squats. didn’t finish hspu on round 9
    Teresa: 93/113 for front squats, didn’t finish squats or hspu for round 9. (I wasn’t going fast, didn’t realize it was a time cap)

    Sterling: 63 x 5s, 73 x 3s, 83 x1, 93 x 1, 100 x 1, 110 x 1(missed)
    Teresa: 63 x 5s, 73 x 3s, 83 x 1, 93 x 2, 95 x 1

    I felt super super weak.

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