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Discovery, Renewal, Humility

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

Discovery, Renewal, Humility

I spend a lot of time thinking about why I hate CrossFit. However, its inescapable. I love what we do far more. I was recently inspired watching a roundtable discussion with CrossFit Level 1 seminar coaches. The interviewer circled around the table with the question of what was your first experience with CrossFit. The theme was discovery, renewal, and humility. What was your first workout/experience with CrossFit?

Most of the athletes/coaches mentioned the workout “Fran.” This is 21-15-9 of 95/65lbs. thruster and pullups. Simple on paper. Soul stealing death when performed. Pat Barber, a games athlete, coach, seminar instructor, explained the first time he didn’t cheat and pushed a workout. Funny to hear a high level athlete talk about well 18 was good enough (not 21). Anyway he spoke about finishing the 21 reps of Thrusters and pullups and then picking the bar up for the first of 15. He said his eyes popped out of his head and he set the bar down. Shocked and filled with disbelief, Barber could not understand what was happening to his body. He wanted to quit because this new level of pain was outside of his understanding. Eventually he finished it but with that workout came a level of discovery and renewal. Discovery of what the mind and body can overcome. Renewal of where that level of comfortability is. Renewal of what fitness is. It’s funny that during a grueling workout, the layers begin to get pulled back. You discover more of yourself. And when you finish and you recover a rewewal or cleansing happens. You have just pushed a little more. Accomplished and completed a goal for the day.

Furthermore, CrossFit has a great way of creating humility. Nobody can go that deep in the pain cave, dig in, redline the heartrate, sweat, cry, and then stand up with the utmost of individual pride. Not talking of the pride you can feel for yourself and your achievements but pride(hubris) in how great and wonderful you are because that workout just owned you. That arrangement of numbers, reps, and exercises just showed you what is inside you. Do work and come back better tomorrow. This humility is a great thing. It bonds you to those around you. Joined suffering strengthens those involved and creates a group that cannot be broken.

I would love to see comments posted on your first workout or experience with CrossFit. Please post to comments on here and copy and paste to FB as well.

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