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W.O.D. Thursday 5-1-2014

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

W.O.D. Thursday 5-1-2014

Come in and get ready to bust it.

Warm Up
10 pushups
10 step ups
10 KB sumo high pull


Max Strict Press
Max Back Squat
Max Deadlift

You have Thursday to get all three in for your total. You may come in early to hit the warm up and get started. Let’s have fun with this one.


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  1. Tbird says:

    My buster was broken today. 135 strict press and 225 squat. I felt unfocused today even though I slept well last night. A new PR of 335 on the back squat made me feel a little better. Jama promises that tomorrow will be fun. Actually, he said it will be a long workout, but that usually means it will be fun.

  2. Brook says:

    PR on strict press 73 up to 80lb PR on dead lift 205 up to 220lb. Back squat is what I did last, didn’t work up slow enough to feel comfortable or warm and was 10lb short at 155. For a total of 455lbs.
    Overall I was happy but some guys hit my total in a single lift.

    • Brook says:

      Oh, I looked in my journal to one year ago my strict press was 55 now 80. Dead lift was 115 now 220 back squat was 95 now 165. Pull ups with thick green now unassisted. Snatch was 35 now 65. OH squat 25 now 65. I guess on days when I am feeling like a big weight weenie I just need to remember where I came from.

      I did notice a few things that haven’t improved much like cleans and bench and realize I need to push harder on those lifts.

    • tbird says:

      Fantastic Brook! We all beat up on ourselves when we don’t feel like our performance was good enough. I’m guilty on that charge just about every day. But how can we not feel good about ourselves when we look at how far we’ve come? I can’t wait to see what your numbers say next year.

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