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GOOD FRIDAY I’ve posted on this subject…

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

GOOD FRIDAY I’ve posted on this subject…


I’ve posted on this subject before but with it being Good Friday and Easter weekend I’ll make mention again. Cody and I have been on a diet heavy with squatting. Hitting a max 4-5x’s a week on Front, Overhead, and Back. The PRs are raining in and confidence is building. However, I believe that my strength is not just coming from the continuous destruction of my hips and hamstrings but a mind-muscle connection with My Savior. What?

I’m not the best example of a Christian but I do think on Jesus and try to apply in my daily life. Normally this is a meager attempt (ask Amy) that leaves me thinking I should shut my mouth and sprint into oncoming traffic. Even so, I feel that in training/lifting I can hone in on what Jesus offers (except on double unders) and find an abundance of strength. When the weights get heavy I ask for strength. Strength that makes it impossible to fail. Strength that makes all things possible. In His house I am stronger. Thats what CF2232 brings to the table for me. It’s a way to bring Glory to Jesus even if its only in my mind most of the time.

Latest example of strength given was our last Overhead Squat day. I was having trouble focusing. I felt strong but not firing on all cylinders. I got under a 10lbs PR and prayed for strength and prayed that I could do my lift for Jesus (sorry lifting is what i do). Boom! Made the smoothest and easist lift of the day. Went up another 10lbs. Got a little full of myself and my waterfall of PRs lately and got stuck at the bottom looking up – twice. Did I forget something? Yep. Twice. Why was the first PR attempt so easy?

Wouldn’t life be so easy? Look up from the bottom and remember why you are looking up. It’s not that complicated.