4 thoughts on “W.O.D. Tuesday 3-10-2014

  1. Row 1:55 damper was on 10 and I didn’t know, it was awful. I think I could do better.

    Did all 100 GHD sit-ups
    Worked hard on my snatch form

  2. Jama 1:24.8 Row 500m. Snatch 195 x 2, 8 singles with 185, 205 no go. 60 GHDs

  3. I didn’t like my row time, I think I need another class on technique. I have no idea what number the rower was set on, but I worked my hardest and my time was 2:06.7! Whst a sloth I am. Worked on form for snatches, not weight. Got all my GHDs done. AND made it to the Bryson City admin. building in time for the reading of the declaration making April 26 Dockie Brindle Day!

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