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Silverback Diet option

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

Silverback Diet option

Here is a diet that will make any Paleo lover cringe a little. I’ve used this diet a few times over the years to put on serious size when I wanted too. It’s very basic and doesn’t address all the macros needed. However, it gives you an idea of what you are expected to consume during these 6 weeks. Meals 1-4 will have you feeling like you can attack any day. Meal 5 would be the ousted one but it serves the early evening preworkout protein carb need (fill in with your own). Notice the 3 protein/meal replacement shakes. We are looking to increase protein intake as well as fat to fuel workouts and muscular growth. Again we are just posting ideas and examples so you know what you are getting into.

Meal 1
Milk (2% butterfat), 8 ounces
Oatmeal, 8 ounces
Egg whites, 2 (stirred into oatmeal)
Dates, 1/4 cup (about 5 whole dates)
Supplements: vitamin-and-mineral tablet
Meal 2
Whey-and-casein meal replacement, such as Muscle Meals
Meal 3
Roasted chicken, 6 ounces
Lima beans or other green vegetable, 6 ounces
Rice, 1 cup
Sherbet, 3 scoops
Meal 4
Cottage cheese, 6 ounces
Pears (canned in own juice), 4 halves
Meal 5
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole-wheat bread
Milk (2% butterfat), 8 ounces
30 minutes before training
Small whey-and-casein protein drink
Meal 6 (right after training)
Postworkout anabolic booster, such as RecoverX
Optional specialty supplements: P.S. (Cort-Bloc, a cortisol
control compound), buffered creatine,
Meal 7
Tuna sandwich on whole-wheat bread
(tuna packed in water)
Peanuts (handful)
Before bed
Supplements: antioxidants (C, 500 milligrams; E, 500
international units; and beta-carotene, 20,000
international units)
Optional specialty supplements:
small whey-and-casein protein drink


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