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Silverback Challenge

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

Silverback Challenge

As we wrap up the Paleo Challenge, we propose a challenge of a similar sort. Paleo has prepped some of you to eat clean. So let’s “build” off of this concept. People throw around the phrase BEASTMODE and now you have the opportunity to hit that switch. Introducing the Silverback Challenge. Some of you men and women can use a little more lean mass and strength, especially those who like to compete.

We propose a 6 week challenge invested in getting stronger and bigger (not fat). We will post an example diet/diets, lifting ideas and programs, and articles produced to make you the Alpha male(female) high performance machine you were designed to be.

How do we get there and what are some things that we should do during this 6 week challenge?
1.) First, diet is the key to any workout/exercise regimen. EAT CLEAN AND OFTEN. Add a 1/2-1cup of white rice or sweet potatoes to your paleo meal. Consider consuming fats to use for energy like avocadoes, olive oil, Kerry Gold butter, and my favorite coconut milk. Protein shakes between meals or spaced out during the day. More later on the different types of protein and when to consume.
2.) Get on a barbell. More days under heavy weight produces mass through neurological and hormonal responses as well as muscular hypertrophy. Squat at least 2 times a week.
3.) 2 parter: Shorter/heavier WODs and decrease number of Metcons performed in the week. This is typical of our programming. However, look into substituting a light metcon for a heavier weight and decreased rep scheme. Total volume can be maintained as the weight has increased. Skip a conditioning day and get under a barbell. Nice chance for Olympic lifting practice. Conditioning comes much faster than strength and muscular development.
4.) Part of the lifting protocal will include 2 sessions of Time Under Tension workouts per week. As well, a daily dose of GHD situps and back extensions. Numbers increase weekly over the challenge.

So are you ready for the Silverback Challenge?

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