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Silverback Challenge Introduction

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

Silverback Challenge Introduction

Silverback Challenge 3-24-2014 to 5-5-2014 (must have last meal @ a Mexican restaurant).

1.) Don’t be a baby! This is a challenge. A challenge to be the alpha male/female. This is to make you a lean mean fighting machine. Crush everyday. Find an accountablity partner. Somebody that won’t take a day off. If you are sore fix it with a barbell!

2.) Weight and measurements today @ your local box. Chest/back, shoulders, bicep, waist, thighs, and calves.

3.) Get under heavy weight. CF 2232 ex:
Monday – squat to a heavy single then 10 reps at 80% / sub 10min metcon like thrusters/pullups/burpees
Tuesday – Pull/push heavy (Oly WOD?), sub 7min WOD, Time Under Tension
Wednesday – Skill practice (handstand walk,pistols,DUs), 4-6 sprints, Bench/Abs
Thursday – Oly WOD – great day for snatching as it doesn’t stress the body like cleans, 9pm Open WOD, also a great day for dumbbell accessory work like Bent Rows/Pullovers/bicep/tricep
Friday – Flip flop of Thursday. Main WOD is Open WOD plus Time Under Tension. If a 9pmer then today is your Oly work plus TUT.
Saturday – Get your CrossFit on. Whatever is programmed. Have anytime to squat after? Get after it!
Sunday – Love to squat plus Oly work. The 8 hours you sleep is your rest/recovery.

4.) Eat,Eat,Eat. Slayed some Sam’s Club last night for a weeks worth of food and woke up to the exact same thing on the Danielle Sidell video; check it out. The daily food intake I provided on site was over 3000 calories and plus 200g of protein. Feel free to decrease as needed. Play with fats like coconut oil/milk, nuts, fish oil, avacodos, Kerry Gold butter. Put in in your coffee, cook with it, rub it on your skin. But I’m going to throat chop the first person I see with a snickers bar(or me with peanut MnMs), coke, or piece of cake.
This is the Silverback challenge after all. If you feel hungry then your muscles are dying. More on catabolic/anabolic later.

5.) Daily GHD situps; Week 1 30 a day plus back extensions.

6.) This isn’t really part of the challenge but as you produce more volume and stress you need to increase your recovery and mobility work. Foam roll, grab a lacrosse ball, strap into a band, and a fan favorite barbell mash. Increase blood flow!

7.) Ask your coach for any help during the challenge. I’m open to ideas and thoughts. Love the thought of shorter heavier metcons. Look toward smaller heavier rep schemes. Sprint instead of jog. See what’s on the whiteboard and make a change. Be explosive.

8.) Have fun and don’t stress. Embrace your community.
Uh Oh, time to eat.


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  1. Brook says:

    Did today’s workout Rx woohoo! 10min AMRAP turned into 14 min. Completed my 50 burpees in 3:13 then got through my 15’s on pull ups and got 10 of the thrusters

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