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Are you even in the fight?

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

Are you even in the fight?

As we moved into the new year a word has been pounding in my head. Inescapable. It’s bouncing around in the vast space of my head like one of those old screensavers. Warrior. Warrior? Interesting.

A warrior is defined as a person who fights in battles and is known for having courage and skill. A warrior is a person who is engaged in some struggle or conflict. They wage war.

This definition, I believe, can apply to many of us. We are all waging some type of war whether it is in the military or in your own mind. Conflict or struggle can come physical, mental, or very much spiritual. So as I entered 2014, the word warrior rattled on. As struggles come and go, I think to be a warrior. Have a warriors mindset. As Rocky says, “keep moving forward.”

What does warrior mean to you? (run on sentence alert) As I push forward I strive to be a Prayer Warrior, a warrior that’s a Father, a husband, a Man, a warrior that protects his community pushes them to be better. Unrelenting. Never stopping. An uncompromising unyielding force.

God gives such power and ability freely. CrossFit provides the training grounds. Again, I ask, what does warrior mean to you?

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