W.O.D. Tuesday 11-5-2013

Keep this PR harvest fest going.

Push Press
Volcano + Never Ending Story*

Yesterday I made the mistake of peforming Event Horizon in place of NES. Today NES is 90% of todays 1RM for a single. Perform singles until you hit 10 reps.

Hey is that a squirrel?

WOD – 150 KB Swings for time:

Russian swings 70/53. Every time that you have to drop the KB perform a 200 meter run. 1 big lap

Accessory – 50 medball situps (NFT)

Jeremy Wilson has CDs for sell of the Beatdown. Pics are primarily of Team NimWOD and CF2232 and WTB?

2 thoughts on “W.O.D. Tuesday 11-5-2013

  1. 155 push press

  2. Uped mine from 90 to 95 was set on getting 100 bummed that I didn’t succeed. 90 good form wasn’t too bad 95 not great firm but still got thought for sure I’d get 100. Maybe next time.

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