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Word of the Day (or Month) is Balance

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

Word of the Day (or Month) is Balance

Word of the Day (month) is Balance. How do we become more balanced? How do we become more effective at making fitness a lifestyle? How do we maintain that lifestyle over the long term? Is it possible to pick up a barbell one day and not think about picking it up 20 years from now?

Our approach will now focus heavily on balance. Amy will help to bring you ladies more inline with a balanced nutrition and I’ll work more directly on the tissues. Bodybuilders actually know a thing or two. If you work one body part make sure you focus on its opposing partner. Ex: back/chest, triceps/bicep, quadriceps/hamstrings. Also, think effectively about what plane you are working in. Are you working a vertical movement? Squats/strict presses. Or are you working a horizontal movement? Bench/bent row. Are you running forward or laterally?

Take this same approach to stretching/mobility and warm ups. We spend a lot of time focused on those tight hips/glutes. But the opposite side needs focus too. The hip flexor/psoas. Roll out the abdomen. We pull a lot of stretches for lats, triceps, and what we believe to be the shoulder. However, do we focus on building or stretching the scapula? Are we hitting the rear delts and not the upper traps?

This will be a topic that we will hit on more frequently. Our approach should always be to improve fitness and performance but in a balanced and healthy format. Expect more time on mobility, linear programming for strength, and back to basics for accessory movements.

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