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What is Strength?

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

What is Strength?

This question was posed to us at a Holistic Weightlifting certification. The idea was bringing all things full circle with life and lifting. This as you know from our logo is really the whole idea anyway. Chip Conrad from BodyTribe Fitness was leading the discussion and asked us, What does strength mean to you? You may look at the surface and see someone like BD or Beau and think strength or Mike’s 200lbs. snatch or Summer’s 175lbs C&J.

This again is scratching the surface in my opinion of strength. When Chip asked this the answer immediately popped in my head. After he asked, he actually gave a partial answer as strength is the ability to…

My feeling is that strength is the ability to persevere. If you can persevere in times of struggle then you possess strength. A tough WOD can impose this type of strength on you. A WOD can help you gain strength. This becomes both physical and mental. That’s part of the full circle in weightlifting. Ever pushing forward. Life will not oppress you because you are strong. So I ask;

What does Strength mean to you???

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  1. Brook says:

    Being able to do things others can’t. Not giving up when you feel like giving up. Stable emotionally, mentally, and physically.

  2. Teresa says:

    Strength is soul deep. My dad always told me that “u can have all the muscle in the world but u gotta have your mind right to use them and not everyone is capable of doing that”

  3. slinkadink says:

    its the desire to tell your body what its going to do and your body telling your mind to do more.

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