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W.O.D. Wednesday 10-16-2013

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

W.O.D. Wednesday 10-16-2013

“Test 3”

Tabata Squat
Max reps of Muscle-ups in 4 minutes

The Tabata interval is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 intervals. Tabata score is the least number of reps performed in any of the eight intervals. Begin time for muscle-ups immediately after the last 10 second rest interval. Test score equals Tabata score multiplied by number of muscle-ups completed.

Post score to comments.

Scaling the muscle ups;
2 Strict Pull-ups / 2 Ring Dips = 1 MU
3 Inverted Rows / 2 Dips = 1 muscle up

You can work on scaled movements in any combo. Just do the math at the end.
Spend remaining time working skill and nothing heavy.

Also, Dr. B will be in house performing adjustments. I can say this has honestly helped me. He can work on wrists and elbows and much more. Talk to him about options and pricing. Manage your bodies!

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  1. Diane says:


  2. Marzena says:

    12 x 10 (mod)

  3. Tbird says:

    51 Rx
    17 x 3

  4. Summer says:

    20×5 (1=2strict pull ups +2ring dips) =100

  5. Brook says:

    14 squats 10 of 3 ring rows and head through push up

  6. Will Styles says:

    19 x 1Rx

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