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Reflecting on today and remembering why I…

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

Reflecting on today and remembering why I…

Reflecting on today and remembering why I love CrossFit. And truly most time I question this. However it’s the community. It’s the people that you get to see pore out everything they have in a workout. I see this daily but at a competition it’s on another level. In a team atmosphere there is that drive to push and not let down. And today we had 4 teams! Friends and supporters and family. Everyone gave it their all.

It’s amazing to look at my own team. I’m taking a nap. Zachs hair is all to Hades and red faced. Cody is beginning to look human. Will takes a walker to the last WOD. And we get up and push. Those last burpees to finish under time cap, priceless…

All it is is a workout but becomes so much more. I’m truly proud of all my CrossFit 2232 members. Great to see those on the sidelines want the best for others and see teams come together and go.

With that said The performances were amazing. The teamwork insane. Trina rowing, Summer lifting, mike lunging, will double undering, synchronized OH squatting, PRing, Rich Froning….

Christa with a blanket? What?

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