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Beer City Beatdown–Saturday, October 12, 2013

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

Beer City Beatdown–Saturday, October 12, 2013

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Event Date:Saturday, October 12, 2013

Divisions:Rx, Scaled
Check-in:7:30 am
Start-Time:9 am
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“Olympic Total”

– Teams have 20 minutes, 2 bars and access to all the weights they need.
– Each member must log a 1RM Snatch and Clean/Jerk during this 20 min.
– Each team will be assigned 1 judge for their 20 min. session. Only 1 member at a time can be judged for a 1RM (team members can warm up or set up weights on bar 2 while bar 1 is being used to attempt a 1RM, but we won’t ask one judge to score two athletes simultaneously).
– Teams can use the 20 min however they would like. There is no rule about which lift the athletes have to 1RM first. All that matters is that each athlete gets a successful lift on each movement within the 20 min period.
– Scores will be adjusted based on each athlete’s weight and age, using the formulas detailed below. Each final team score will be the cumulative snatch and clean/jerk formula-adjusted totals.
– Using the formulas also allows us to award individual male and female winners in the snatch, c&J and overall “olympic total” categories, bringing a unique individual component to a team competition.

The Formulas: Each athlete’s final number will be produced using the Sinclair Formula to account for weight and Malone-Meltzer Coefficient to account for age. Click the Master’s Weightlifting link below and scroll to the bottom for access to both tables.

From mastersweightlifting.org:

*For example, to determine a lifter’s “formula” total one multiplies
his/her actual total by both the Sinclair coefficient and Malone-Meltzer coefficient.*

*Example: 44 year old male lifter, weighing 93.7 kg with a 225kg total*

*From the Malone-Meltzer table: Age 44 -> coefficient 1.183*

*From the Sinclair table (or formula) for a MALE: Body weight 93.7kg ->
coefficient 1.133649*

*”formula” total = 225kg x 1.133649 x 1.183 = 301.7490*

This means we’ll be weighing you in and checking your photo id for birthdays at registration. It’s a pain and will add 5 min to your check-in, but will provide us a true “pound for pound” lifting event that’s adjusted for age.

We’ll also adjust the formulas for pounds, as opposed to kilos.


One team member at a time…teams can place athletes in any order they want. No teammate is allowed to do more than one of the following sets.

5 Hand Release Pushups (Scaled can do 5 hand-release or 10 from knees)
5 Pistols (alternating legs) Scaled: 10 Air Squats
Row 1000m

After teammate completes row, then next teammate:

10 Hand Release Pushups (Scaled: 10 HR or 20 from knees)
10 Pistols (alternating legs) Scaled: 20 Air Squats
Row 750m

Then next teammate:

20 HR Pushups (Scaled: 20 HR or 35 from knees)
20 Pistols (alternating legs) Scaled: 40 Air Squats
Row 500m

Last teammate:

30 HR Pushups (Scaled: 30 HR or 50 from knees)
30 Pistols (alternating legs) Scaled: 50 Air Squats
Row 250m

Teams are responsible for setting the rower back to zero each time, as the judge will be scoring reps. Teams are allowed to place their next rower on the machine to get set and customize their preferred adjustments to the damper and binding while their other teammate is completing their movements.


– 1 team member working at a time.

300 Double-Under Buy-In (Scaled: 300 singles)


100 Thrusters (115/75 Rx, 95/55 Scaled)
100 KB Swings (70/53 Rx, 53/35 Scaled)
100 Box Jumps (30/24 Rx, 24/20 Scaled…Step-Ups allowed for Scaled)
100 m Overhead Walking Lunge (Rx Holds 45/35# plates, Scaled 25/15)


1. There may be a short run/transition from the box jump station to the lunge station. This run could include negotiating an obstacle or other shenanigans. Or…it may not be anything. We’re not sure yet.
2. The lunges will be done in sand, using a beach volleyball court (Jeans and aviator shades are optional).


2 members working at a time

1/3 mile run by 2 team members (each carrying a 20# medball or sandbag)
After both finish run, then…
25 Overhead Squat (115/75 Rx, 75/45 Scaled) by 2 team members that didn’t run (each team member must complete 25 each, can’t break them up, that’s 50 total combined) then…
25 Overhead Squat by 2 that ran. Then…
80 Bar-Facing Burpees in 8 sets of 10, each athlete does a set of 10 in order until all 80 are complete (each athlete will end up doing 2 sets of 10 total). Then…
25 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (115/75 Rx, 75/45 Scaled) by 2 team members that didn’t run, then…
25 SDHP by 2 that ran. Then…
1/3 mile run by the 2 teammates that didn’t run to start the WOD, each carrying a 20# medball or sandbag.

Clock stops when last teammate crosses the start/finish line.

– One group of two can’t start until BOTH members of the other two complete their task (for example, teammates A and B must finish all 25 of their overhead squats before teammates C and D can start theirs).
– The run is one lap around the paved speedway track. There are no obstacles or tomfoolery planned for the run (as of yet). There is a very slight angle on the track (see location pics on the July 16 posting for a better idea of the track).

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