W.O.D. Monday 7-15-2013


In the spirit of the CrossFit Games, this week will be dubbed, “Train Like Froning.” Taking an excerpt from Mr. Fronings training log presented on a former issue of Muscle and Fitness we have tweaked a few of his WODs to fit our style. This will be fun.

SWOD – EMOM for 10min

3 touch n go Power Cleans
Heavy but not enough to break form.

Rest 5 min

In descending order,

10 Muscle Ups / 50 wallballs
8 Muscle Ups / 40 wallballs
6 Muscle Ups / 30 wallballs
4 Muscle Ups / 20 wallballs
2 Muscle Ups / 10 wallballs

5 thoughts on “W.O.D. Monday 7-15-2013

  1. Sounds like a fun one. Counting down the days to being back.

    1. well come on Brooke

  2. 14:13 with 90lbs on my cleans

  3. 20:00 and change w/ blue band muscle ups

  4. Teresa- 18:10 @ 6am 22:30 @ 530pm. 85lb for cleans at 6am and 95 lbs for cleans at 530pm

    Sterling- 22:17 and 85lb for cleans then switched to 20lb med ball cleans

    Mike-16:00 with 185/195/205 power cleans

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