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WOD Thursday 2-14-2013

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

WOD Thursday 2-14-2013


Complete as many rounds as possible in 45 minutes of:
Run 800 meters
80 Squats
8 Muscle-ups


U.S. Army Captain John D. Hortman, 30, of Inman, South Carolina, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, based in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, died on August 8, 2011, in Fort Benning, Georgia, in a helicopter accident during a military training exercise. He is survived by his mother, Brenda Jones, sister Jill Hortman, and brother, Andy Pierce.

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  1. Brook says:


  2. Mark says:

    Got no muscle up wild man. Specially not 8 per round.

  3. Chase Sneed says:

    5 rounds running and 5 rounds of squats.no muscle ups= 2.5 miles, 400 squats

  4. Santa Marias' + one Phillips says:

    Teresa: 4 rounds plus 2.5 laps.
    Mike: 4 rounds plus 1 lap. 24 muscle ups!!!!! 8 ground to muscle ups….so proud of him.

    no sterling= basketball practice and Callie is MIA! jk. she is starting back tomorrow…hard core.

  5. Jama says:

    5 rounds Rx’d

  6. Dixie says:

    4 rounds plus 800 meters and 60 squats. Total 2.5 miles, 380 squats, 64 dips and 64 ring rows(?)

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