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Why not sign up?

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Why not sign up?

Why am I signing up for the Open?

The Open is just a game or competition of games. It is 5 simple workouts put forth in 5 simple weeks. However, how many of us perform the “crazy” workouts each day as simply another workout? Is it really that arbitrary? For some reason, CrossFit is something more. The community we build around CrossFit is something more. A continuous stream of blogs on the internet testify to this. So why am I signing up for the Open?

I am not stronger than BD (Brandon Daniels). I am not faster than the Troll (Chase Sneed). I do not have that unwillingness to stop that Richard Sneed has. Nor do I have the passion that you see in many of you; Mike Treadway, Mark Sale, Terry “Slink” Hogner, and pretty much everyone else. I don’t have the newly found love of THE IRON that Dixie, Teresa, and Diane have found. But what I do have is the YES factor to the question, “Do you want to play ball?” How about one more set? Got another rep?

I think this comes from my mom. How sappy is that? She never would let me quit anything and always had me try everything. I can remember her depressed comment a couple of years ago when I had to stop and think, do I really want to jump off the weight bench, hit the side of the porch, jump onto the trampoline, and see how far I could land out in the road??? Mom I’m 30 with a bad back and don’t need to act the fool like I always have. My son?? Scared to just go?

No, I’m not scared to just go. And now as I look at the world and the many trials people suffer (Just read about an affiliate owner suffering from PTSD and BiPolar Disorder after multiple tours in Iraq purposely losing the battle and getting himself shot by state troopers) and live with, I think it’s not even a question of being scared to go. It’s a determination to purposely go. Rich has preached on doing things on purpose. Loving your wife on purpose. Studying the Word on purpose. Living life with purpose. So on purpose I will sign up for the CrossFit Open and throw my hat in the mix just to see how I stack up with the thousands upon thousands that do this thing called CrossFit. I’ll do it for those that don’t have the ability to. I’ll do it for those who can’t afford nor have the option to eat as I can to even think of building muscle. Most just eat to survive. I could go on with this stream of thought but you get the picture.

Why not give it a try just to see how you stack up? Even if you tell yourself that you don’t care. And personally I don’t believe this statement because every person that walks through that door cares how they did against themselves and the people around them. Why not broaden the scope of which you train? You will have fun and be glad you did.

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