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W.O.D. Wednesday 2-27-2013

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

W.O.D. Wednesday 2-27-2013

CrossFit 2232 was created to “strengthen our brothers”. This is in all aspects personal and to the community with the hopes of improving those both physically and spiritually. A WOD in the CrossFit community is circulating that asks for us to “pray without ceasing”.

It was created for “Regen” a thirteen year old with a brain tumor and the rep scheme was based off of 1 Thessalonians 5:17. So we will honor this.

First we will perform the SWOD:

3 rounds of 5 strict pullups, 3 toes to bar, 1 max hold front levers*.

*front levers can be performed on the floor or from the hang. As well with knees tucked, one knee tucked, legs spread, or legs tight and toes pointed. Hollow best possible.

WOD – “Regen”

5 rounds of:

17 squats
17 pushups (Deload)
17 lunges (bar on back or plate overhead)
17 situps (Abmat)

Pray without ceasing! No better way to strengthen your brothers.

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