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W.O.D. Friday 2-15-2013

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

W.O.D. Friday 2-15-2013

Check out this link for 50 ways to get better at CrossFit (http://agymlife.com/get-better-at-crossfit/).

Friday Fun Day or as Matt would say Motivate Friday which comes after Motivate Thursday and before Motivate Saturday and lies within Motivate Week that is only a part of Motivate Febuary that is a mere fraction of Motivate Life. Be motivated people!

Perform 15 minutes of banded mobility – ankles, hips, hamstrings, wrists, shoulders

Team quick WOD – 10,10,10 AMRAP

Abmat situps

Perform as many rounds as possible in whatever combination as a team with each member continuously working.

WOD/Skill – 9 MIN AMRAP:

3 of each Snatch grip deadlift/Snatch Pull/Power Snatch
24 Double Unders

For the Snatch work concentrate on staying back and setting the hips low, knees forward and out over ankles, and chest up and over bar by a couple of inches. Pull as though you were snatching by drawing knees back and shoulders going forward of bar. On Snatch pulls use extended arm position and power out of hips to draw the bar from the floor then to lower chest lever. Pull at last second with elbows NOT hands. On Snatches use the methods just engrained in your brain to perform a perfect Power Snatch.

If you can do a double under, DO DOUBLE UNDERS! Don’t be lazy. Attack weaknesses.

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