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W.O.D. Wednesday 1/2/2013

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

W.O.D. Wednesday 1/2/2013

It’s going to take some time to get used to posting in 2013. I hope everyone has had a good break. Now it’s back to business. We will be talking more to better educate you on how to maintain and improve fitness. First order of business is the kickoff to our Paleo Challenge. Rules and regulations and prizes will be discussed further later. However, we would like you to spend this weekend and next week getting used to the idea of cutting sugars. Eliminate the cokes, cakes, and candy you have grown fond of. Wait to complete take out bread and pastas. Start looking at whole foods at your supermarket. Stay to the outside of the isles. If it’s in a can or box then it is loaded in sodium and preservatives and will be left to the cochroaches when we are gone.

As for the WOD –

Warm up – 2 rounds of 5 inch worms 10 pullups 15 air squats 20 walking OH lunges

Strength – 8 x 3 Sotts Press

WOD – 8 rounds of: 3 OH Squats 115/75 / 1 lap

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  1. Evan says:

    48 lbs on Sotts press
    9:21 on WOD (53 lbs)

  2. Will says:

    Good to be back in the box!
    10:27 Rx on the WOD

  3. SWOD-15lbs
    WOD-35lbs @ 10:56
    Homework: 10 reverse hypers, 20 back ext, 20 GHD
    The reverse hyper is already making my lower back a little sore but i look fwd to finishing my homework 🙂

  4. Teresa Santa Maria says:

    teresa: 15lb sotts press, 11:30 on WOD with 45 lb OH squat. didnt stop on any off my laps!!!

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