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CF 2232 Update

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

CF 2232 Update

I hope that the Paleo Challenge is going well for those participating. As well, I hope that there are many more of you giving this a go even though you are not posting numbers. Back to the posters; In our first week we had Teresa Santa Maria with the most points and our second week a tie between Dixie and Teresa. To make this more special we are giving out a small incentive. Teresa will be the recipient of a gift certificate to Bojangles for two paleo style breakfast platters (eggs, sausage and bacon) and Dixie a gift certificate to Guayabitos Mexican for two vegetarian dinners (drinks not included-not so paleo). Keep up the good work!

Have you stopped by the new place? Sheetrock going up. When the time comes, we could really use a hand or more like 20 hands for moving and placing matting, painting, sanding and finishing the new platforms, hanging rings and installing new rig, cleaning, putting up racks and posters, and smacking me around when its time to focus, and refurbishing our old spot.

Lastly, after all the confusion and trials to get you guys on autopay, we have decided to do away with it. This is something that will take effect in March and we will speak more of it over these coming weeks. One mission that we had when starting this business was to be a light unto the world in some aspect. I have always had my mind on the Water for Life campaign. So we began thinking of a way to make an impact no matter how small. I realized that we are paying 3% in piece of mind to do autopay. Why not take that 3% and apply it to feeding families or clean water? Why not allow our members to make an impact on the world? We will discuss this further. Thank you for your patience and support!

Jama and Amy

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