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New Rates

"Strengthen Your Brothers"

New Rates

A slight price increase will be imposed starting Jan 2013. This will be for all members.

As well, there will be a change in payment options. We would like to move everyone to online payments. This would really help in tracking our memberships and managing our budget. Think more (toys) equipment. This would also help in eliminating “6 week” memberships. We are flexible to moving your due date on fees but prefer the first of the month. If any help is required for setting up the online, we would be glad to assist.

Here is the price scale:

$80 unlimited individual
$145 unlimited couples*
$50 unlimited student
$185 unlimited family**

*couples rate applies to married couples
**family rates are for two adults and two children (high school age). This will also be at our discretion.

As always, we appreciate and love each of you. Your support over this last year has been phenomenal. Can’t wait to make the move with each of you and see what we are capable of in a bigger space.

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  1. Sean says:

    Jama, how much for “daily”? For visitors, etc.?

  2. Skye High Littledave says:

    Still using the dashboard?

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